this is my neverhappy scrapbook.

"NeverHappy" is the name of my roserade ribbon master in pokemon dppt/hgss.

technically no longer under construction but i'll make this look better later cause it looks ugly as FUCK right now

(this image is a placeholder until i draw one myself lmao, made by my friend charlie)

a "ribbon master" is a pokemon that has obtained every single ribbon it can possibly have on it at one time from the generation it was obtained to the most recent generation it can be transferred to. technically, neverhappy is an incomplete ribbon master due to her never being transferred up from gen 4, but due to her story (that i am about to tell) i felt it more appropriate to keep her in her dppt/hgss home. this was also inadvertently practice for my full ribbon masters which i will be completing sometime later down the line.

for more information on ribbon masters (especially if you'd like to do one yourself) check out the ribbon masters subreddit here:

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also, if you happened to stumble on this site without clicking on it from my twitter, hi, my name's kiki! i go by rottingichor on most places. i draw stuff and i'm really into pokemon if it's not obvious from this website. you can find my twitter right here.

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