part 5: contests

ok so admittedly i took like no footage of doing the contests cause i was just so excited to be done i sped the fuck through them without thinking about anything. i grinded accessories from amity square and the massage lady in veilstone and just jumped the fuck in and after a very long dissociative session it was over ASJFIAS

here's a couple screenshots though. neverhappy looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL covered in nonsensical accessories for their statistical benefits, and her winning the cool master ribbon because she is VERY COOL. i was doing this on emulator for ease of access since my DSes were charging jdsfiofsd

also there was some dude named chad with a bronzor named saucy and i was losing my fucking mind over it so i screenshotted it

and with that... it was over. i had all the ribbons. all that was left was the shiny leaf crown in soulsilver, and to wrap this whole thing up!